Targeted Case Management

Connections for Kids’ Community Support Services – Targeted Case Management delivers services by licensed BA level social workers (LSW or LSX) to children and young adults ages 0-20 years old who meet Maine Care eligibility requirements and live in Maine.

CFK provides case management services to help coordinate and advocate for children who have mental health needs. We coordinate educational, legal, vocational, financial and supportive services to help Maine’s children and their families become more independent. Once an assessment of need has been completed, the case managers meet with the child and families on a regular (usually weekly) basis to establish treatment goals, plans for intervention and progress. They help to identify and locate treatment services to meet the need of the child and to help parents navigate the mental health system.

Who’s Eligible?

Maine Children between the ages of 0-20 who are currently receiving Maine Care and live in Maine.

For referrals please call Connections for Kids at 207-854-1030 ext 1008

Download the DHHS TCM Referral Form

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