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young school boy smiling and writingMany children experience times when they are unable to find success in school. For these very capable students, emotional and behavioral dysfunction can lead to poor performance, and poor performance increases a child’s anxiety, depression, dysregulation and ultimately task avoidance. Portland Kids Academy’s highly skilled educators, clinicians, BCBA and support staff work closely with students, families and their support team to customize and individualize small group learning, counseling and enrichment opportunities so that every student can find success.

Portland Kids Academy is the first of its kind.  

Most private programs build their school around a specific educational, instructional or behavioral model. Either they’re focused on PBIS, or “natural consequences” or maybe a “token incentive program”.  Portland Kids Academy actively uses all of those options or modalities, however at our core, as a school and as a program, Portland Kids Academy is first and foremost clinically driven.  We are a therapeutic, clinical program that recognizes that no learning or behavioral change can occur if a student is preoccupied with an existing emotional or clinical need. Our licensed mental health counselors, BCBA, faculty and BHP’s are all dedicated to providing educationally integrated individual, group and family counseling services in order to support each and every student in being able to access and actualize their individual academic potential.

At Portland Kids Academy we recognize that:

A. Each student learns differently.

B. Each student is motivated differently, and

C. Each student comes to us with a different personal history, and at a different point in their emotional and mental development.

Portland Kids Academy offers a low student teacher ratio with multiple instructional platforms. We work closely with teachers, clinicians, students, parents and team members to not only design an educational plan that works for each student, but to design a growth plan that charts a path for increased academic, emotional and community engagement over time. Portland Kids Academy wants every student to be and feel successful.

Portland Kids Academy addresses the whole child through its multifaceted approach.  Portland Kids Academy is a special purpose private school and offers an individually tailored, student directed academic program by providing a multitude of academic platforms. This includes using a traditional classroom format, computer based instruction, one-to-one instruction, small group instruction, activity based learning, and experiential learning.

Portland Kids Academy also offers integrated and intensive individual, group, milieu and family centered clinical services into daily programming. Clinical services include CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), Therapeutic Recreation and ABC (Adventure Based Counseling), individual, group and family counseling as well as targeted case management.  As well, our school BCBA works closely with our clinicians to take ideas and turn them into action using only the latest best practices.

We accept both private pay as well as public school placements for students who are both eligible as well as appropriate for our special education school setting.


Starr Soul-McDonald, BS, (M.Ed. in progress)
PKA Lead Teacher


Michael Coffey, BS
PKA Program Coordinator

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