Kittery Academy

To Create Better Futures for Children

Our Mission:
At our special purpose private schools, we focus on engaging students in a comprehensive integrated educational program, including individualized specially designed instruction while supporting their emotional and social development in a therapeutic setting.

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Welcome to Kittery Academy!

Some students struggle to perform their best in public-school settings that use a traditional instructional delivery model.  For students who need specialized instruction and creative approaches to social-emotional learning, this structure may not support their success and, as a result, challenges with attendance, behaviors and work completion due to increased anxiety and depression may occur.  Lack of confidence around study skills and social interactions can also result in additional challenges for youth.

Kittery Academy

At Kittery Academy we recognize that our students thrive in an environment that can provide a comprehensive, integrated educational program which includes specially designed instruction and supportive services in academics and functional skills. The students at Kittery Academy thrive in a small, supportive, therapeutic environment that allows them to be themselves. Kittery Academy employs certified and experienced educators, clinicians, and educational technicians to lend support when needed while focusing on specially designed instruction and behavioral support for daily success.

Kittery Academy is an approved special purpose private school in the state of Maine and is located at 518 US Route 1, Suite 6, Kittery, ME. 03904.  Kittery Academy is also recognized to provide services for students from the State of New Hampshire.

Admissions criteria:

  • 7 – 12th graders
  • Reason for referral
  • Current IEP (Individual Education Plan)
  • Most recent psychological testing with a current mental health diagnosis
  • Educational testing that includes updated academic, psychological and functional evaluations
  • Educational baseline data

At Kittery Academy we recognize:

  • Each student learns differently.
  • Each student is capable of learning.
  • Each student is motivated differently.
  • Each student comes to Kittery Kids Academy at different points in their academic, social and emotional development.
  • Each student needs individualized structured support, determined by his/her IEP team.

What we offer:

  • Specially designed instruction
  • Small classroom settings
  • 1:1 instructional and behavioral support, when determined necessary by student’s IEP team.
  • Research-based interventions
  • Clinical social work services, both individual and group using evidenced-based practices
  • BCBA services
  • Team approach, working with sending districts, teachers, clinicians, students and parents to design an educational plan that works for each student
  • Credit Recover
  • Regularly scheduled professional clinical and educational supervision for the school team
  • Comprehensive transition planning process for students in grades 9-12
  • Internship opportunities within the community

Academic Support and Services:

Kittery Academy’s educational components address the whole child through its multifaceted approach to academic instruction. In our learning environment students receive specially designed instruction, differentiated instruction utilizing multiple academic platforms, including a classroom-based instructional delivery model, 1:1 instruction, small group lessons and activities, and other extended learning opportunities within the school and community.


  • Will participate in the development of the Individualized Education Plan.
  • Will develop and implement positive behavior support plans for each student when determined necessary by the student’s IEP team.
  • Will analyze daily data collection to inform adjustments to instruction and positive behavior support plans.
  • Will provide support and feedback to the team.

Clinical Support

  • Will participate in the development of the Individualized Education Plan.
  • Will develop a comprehensive assessment and clinical diagnosis.
  • Will develop a treatment plan.
  • Will work with the student and parents.
  • Will support student throughout school day.
  • Will conduct individual and group therapy sessions.

Time frame:

Kittery Academy understands that for our students, attending school is an opportunity to learn new skills, focus on academics and to engage in clinical support services.  Each student’s path to educational success may look a little different and may occur at a different pace.  The primary goal of our comprehensive programming is to work towards a successful transition back to the student’s sending public school when the student has gained the academic and functional skills necessary.  This process is individualized and is facilitated by a team IEP decision-making approach.  Other students may graduate from Kittery Academy and will receive Certificate of Completion, along with an official high school diploma from their sending school.

Referrals are to be made through the student’s sending school special education department. For admission questions please contact:

207-854-1030 X 1012