Home and Community Based Treatment (HCT)

Dad and 3 young children smiling in a group

Woman And Her Teenage Daughter
HCT is a home based behavioral health service for youth and families in need of a more intensive treatment than our outpatient therapy. Serves are provided by a master’s level clinician and a bachelor’s level Behavioral Health Specialist (BHP). This in home treatment offers strategies to help children and families manage mental health symptoms, function better in home, school and the community and prevent hospitalization.

Our in home clinical team provides individual and family therapy, behavioral support, parent education and psycho-education. They are trained in a number of treatment modalities which include Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral therapy, play therapy, and family system work.

Connections for Kids’ Community Support Services – HCT (Children’s Home and Community Based Treatment 65M Services) delivers home based clinical and behavioral treatment and support services from a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) and master level clinician for children with a mental health diagnosis. It is intensive clinical home based treatment and supportive behavioral services for your child. They must be between the ages of 3 and 21 and meet Maine Care eligibility requirements.

Connections for Kids’ Community Support Services helps parents with their every day life struggles. We help them manage and maintain their children in a safe structure and help create a necessary routine. Connections for Kids works with families and their children on their mental health, behavioral challenges and basic needs. Connections for Kids is committed to best practice and measurable outcomes for their children and families.

Who’s Eligible?

Children between the ages of 3-21 with serious emotional and mental health issues who are currently enrolled in Maine Care and live in Maine.

To make a referral, Case Managers, Outpatient Providers or Legal Guardians can fax the completed (Referral and Release forms) to KEPRO (866)-325-4752 , as Kepro holds the centralized wait list for HCT.

Download the DHHS 65 HCT Referral Form

Download the DHHS 65 HCT Referral Form Instructions