Connections for Kids Philosophy

Connections for Kids was founded on supporting the family. We believe in providing services for family reunification and preservation. We are committed to providing treatment services to children and their families. Connections for Kids teaches parents about their potentials and the fundamentals of parenting.

CFK has evolved into a fully licensed mental health agency and our services provide a continuum of care. Connections for Kids offers a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental environment which empowers parents to obtain the necessary clinical treatment for themselves and for their children.

Our Vision

Healthy lives; safe communities and schools

Core Values

Core Values that drive all treatment interventions: Safety, Respect, Privacy, Commitment of an excellent future.

Core Competencies

Becket’s staff use warm, emphatic, rewarding, and guiding style and engage in evidence-based practices. Becket staff members are welcoming and work to create willing partners in change. Becket is trauma-informed and trauma -sensitive at all levels and provides best-practice services for co-occuring disorders.