Adult Services: Community Integration and Outpatient Therapy

adult-large-imageConnections for Kids developed Becket Adult Services of Maine to create better futures for adults. We specialize in developing helpful relationships, building client strengths and delivering treatment that works.

Community Integration Services – Adult Case Management involves the identification, assessment, planning, linking, monitoring and evaluation of services and supports needed for adults (18 years or older). Eligibility criteria includes having an Axix I or II diagnostic disorder, have a Locus score of 17 or higher and have active Maine Care. Community Integration Services require involved active participation by the adult, family, significant other or guardian.

Outpatient Therapy – provides individual therapy counseling to adults, couples and families.

Services Include:

Case Management
Treatment Planning
Comprehensive Assessment
Linking to Services
Skill Teaching through daily living tasks
Consultation and Problem Solving Support
Crisis Intervention
Collaborative Networking with other Providers

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