Seacoast Transition Services

Based out of Kittery, Maine, Seacoast Connections is a branch of Connections for Kids, a non-profit human services & mental health agency that was founded in 1996 by a former foster care parent. Seacoast Connections provides educational, clinical, case management and direct care services to special needs and at-risk youth, adolescents and young adults in coastal New Hampshire and southern Maine. Connections for Kids strives to be the first and only choice for carefully selected, highly trained, well paid and outcomes driven human service and mental health professionals.

Academic Assistants: Academic Assistants provide school districts with experienced and trained Bachelor’s level Behavioral Health Professionals on a short term or long term basis. BHP’s work 1-on-1 with students that require intermediate to advanced levels of behavioral, emotional or academic support within the school or classroom.

Transition Mentors: Transition Mentors are BHP’s that specialize in youth transitional services, transition planning & coaching. Services and activities include future’s planning, teaching ADL skills, supporting job skill readiness, job placement, coaching, health & wellness, continuing education as well as accessing entitlements resources & services.

Drop Out Coordinators: Drop Out Coordinators are BHP’s that specialize in educational & futures planning, transition services & entitlement services. BHP’s are dedicated to supporting students to develop plans and strategies to work towards re- engaging with the ultimate goal of continuing and eventually completing their education.

Suspension Specialists: Suspension Specialists are BHP’s that provide home and/or community based supports & programming for students who are removed from the school. BHP’s provide a combination of academic support, kitchen table diplomacy, pro- social engagement & individualized mentoring. Supervision and support for in school suspensions are also available.

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Genevieve Gardner, LCSW, MBS
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